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Ruyonga To Get Married Soon

Ruyonga who recently left revelers ecstatic at the Blankets and Wine Festival is getting married soon.


According to close sources, the gospel rap emcee is getting married within a few weeks. This was met with mixed reactions from his female fans, most were happy for the ‘Muhuliire’ star while others were disappointed because they wanted him for themselves. Some of the fans we talked to, congratulated him while one notable fan expressed her frustration by saying: ‘There goes my last hope of having a baby who can rap.’

Ruyonga understands the big picture as well as how to weave his perspective into compelling songs and it doesn’t come as a shocker that his inspiration for music is life, family and God.

Mostly known for his ‘Muhiliire’ song, the emcee recently released ‘Ride’ featuring Richy which is also receiving a lot of air play.

Edwin Ruyonga is also set to perform at the Bayimba Festival, which starts this Friday, September 19.

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