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Ruyonga: Meet The Well Rounded Emcee

Edwin Ruyonga is a Ugandan born gospel hip hop artist, who grew up in the US.


With extensive performance and recording history, he has released three albums and has also shared the stage with international artists like Lupe Fiasco, K’Naan and Wu Tang Clan. Locally, he has worked on some collaborations with artists like Big Trill, Benezeri, GNL, Maurice Kirya and Enygma among others.

Mostly known for his ‘Muhiliire’ song, the emcee recently released ‘Ride’ featuring Richy which is also receiving a lot of air play.

Ruyonga understands the big picture as well as how to weave his perspective into compelling songs and it doesn’t come as a shocker that his inspiration for music is life, family and God.

Lyrically talented, he never puts in a halfhearted performance, he’s filled with so much vigor that it’s somewhat palpable.

Many fans always wonder why he always says ‘Ru’, we get that it’s affiliated with his name and all but why? Well, just like JayZ says ‘Hov‘ most times which automatically identifies him, ‘Ru’ is more like his alias, so the next time you are listening in to radio or watching TV and you hear ‘Ru’ pause whatever it is you are doing and listen to the lyrics you will be impressed.

He looks up to African artists like Ice Prince, when I asked him why, this is what he had to say:

“He may not be the best rapper out there but his business model is definitely working for him because he recently bought a Lamborghini, so I would like to emulate a rapper like him.”

Behind the musician, Ruyonga is a graphics designer with a huge heart for charity work.

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