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Ruyonga Opens Up About His Career And What He Has Planned For 2015

Ruyonga is an artist who currently needs no introduction.

He is a hot cake. Last year he was the only artist to feature on both the secular cypher and the Christian Hip Hop all-star The Real God, which was engineered by WeMix Entertainment and produced by WordXclusive of the Fame Records. That meant, he was and still is having the best of both worlds as some would say.

The lyricist Ruyonga

The lyricist Ruyonga

We got to talk to him about his career, vision for 2015 and got to probing him about some questions that we warned him were quite tricky but needed to be answered.

Ruyonga formerly known as Krukid who first made an appearance in the Gospel Music scene with his S.O.S (Songs Of Success) album has become one of those artists whose music reaches both to the Gospel music fans as well as the secular music fans.

Recently in an interview with Chano8 he said, “Most people’s problem with me is that they cannot categorize me.” He cannot be put in a box. “I am one of those people who God has blessed with a unique gift. I don’t think the world can claim to own my success. They are not responsible. First of all, they knew that if they put me with any of their best, either I beat them or we come out on the same level.” Ruyonga said this in response to our question of whether he has succeeded because the secular side looks at him as their prodigal child who may go back home to doing secular music.

Read more here, Chano8 January Issue.

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