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Rwandese Model Sandra Teta Talks Fashion And Business

Sandra Teta has accomplished more than your average corporate girl and has quickly become an icon for many girls in Rwanda and East Africa. She is the true example of
determination and passion in your career world can get you far.

When Chano8 asked where she sees herself in the next 5 years, she is quick to say she hopes to have events in about 9 countries. She is not planning to slow down anytime soon but rather keep pushing boundaries. She says she has been blessed to learn from the older members of her industry and she also has enough to bring to the table despite her age.

The amazing Sandra Teta talks about her future plans

The amazing Sandra Teta talks about her future plans

She pointed out that she is usually undermined by her colleagues and potential clients until they listen to her presentation and they are left amazed. She narrates a story where she was to pitch an idea and everyone expected her to crush and burn because she was inexperienced by the time she was done one of the older ladies who was there to also pitch for the same job gave her a business card and offered her a very lucrative job with unbelievable perks. She turned it down but maintained the friendship because she had to stay true to her dream.

Currently she is working on her annual red Avenue parties both in Rwanda and Uganda not to mention keeping up with her school load. This lady is not walking to success but running. We are truly inspired by her journey.

Read more about her in the current chano8 issue here.

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