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Salvado Apologizes Over Insensitive Tweets He Sent About Riots Following Bobi Wine Arrest

What may be perceived as a ‘twar’ (Twitter war) between local comedian Salvado Idringi and presidential aspirant Sentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s supporters intensified some weeks ago when he took to Twitter and called them ‘social media liberators’.

“You are all LIBERATORS on social media, Mbu “tuli mu struggle” but on ground y’all busy looking for Shisha” Read Salvado’s Tweet.

According to a simple interpretation of it, the comedian meant that instead of being on ground, they are just showing their support for Bobi online. This rubbed them the wrong way and the replies the tweet received weren’t those pleasant ones.

As time passes, the twar seemed to had ceased until Salvado struck again, this time following the protests in Kampala over the Wednesday arrest and detainment of Bobi Wine in Luuka District, where he was scheduled to address a campaign rally the same day.

As loyal supporters of Kyagulanyi took to the different streets of Kampala city and its outskirts advocating for his immediate release, with Police chasing them away with teargas, Salvado took his twitter told them to “get off the streets”

“GET OFF THE F**KIN STREETS PEOPLE, It’s been testament that these guys will shoot you, Call me a coward but just like the rest of you here, I will tweet from the comfort of my home, at least I will be alive to witness the CHANGE you are fighting for and you’ll be DEAD” Read his Tweet which he deleted moments later

This tweet raised hell in the replies section as Bobi Wine supporters angrily came at the comedian and we think was one the reasons he deleted it and came up with an apology earlier on Thursday

“IM SORRY, if I came out insensitive and arrogant earlier, IM SORRY, I just can’t get the visuals out of my head, that little boy whose legs were crushed, the by standards who were shot.. Dear lord forgive me… where is the love?” Reads his Tweet which was received with mixed feelings

“This level of pretence must stop. It’s not the first time you utter words then start apologising. Ugandans are watching your hypocrisy. People don’t forget.” One twitter user called Guma Patrick Luis replied




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