Salvado Excited About His First-Ever International Nomination

Although it might sound shocking that this is Uganda’s star comedian Salvado’s first-ever international nomination, the news is still good news as he was nominated in the upcoming Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards under the category of ‘Savanna Pan African Comic of the year’. It is a big deal for him and if you are a fan and a well wisher, you can join in the process or just wish him all the best because he is battling it with equally talented and celebrated comedians.  

Salvado is set to battle comedians Basket Mouth (Nigeria) Carl Joshua Ncube (Zimbabwe), Masopo (South Africa) and Fernando Tafish (Namibia) at this event slated for Saturday the 9th of September 2017 in South Africa. With all the excitement, Salvado took to his Facebook where he posted a photo of himself celebrating the milestone with a bottle of Singleton whisky.

Salvado will tussle it out with comedians Basket Mouth (2nd left), Karl Joshua Ncube (3rd left), Masapo (in a red cap) and Farnando Tafish ( 1st right)

“The look you have when you get your first international award Nomination.” Salvado’s Facebook post read but however, Chano8 asked him for a comment about the awards and here is what the Man from Ombokolo as he likes to call himself said;

“It is a great feeling especially the fact that the people I have been nominated with in that category are top comedians.” However, the category Salvado is nominated in will not be voted for by the public as fellow comedians will be the ones to determine who takes the award home




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