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Salvado Gets Free Tattoos For Taking The ‘Bebe Cool Tattoo Challenge’

Earlier this week, Big Size Bebe Cool surprised his wife on her birthday that was on Monday when the name ‘Zuena’ was tattooed on left side of his neck. This got very many people talking on social media but comedian Salvado Idringi made the whole situation too funny by trying out the ‘Bebe Cool Tattoo challenge’ when he wrote his wife’s name ‘Daphine’ on a small white piece of paper and attached on his right neck with tape then posted on his Facebook page.

Salvado did this inform of a joke little knowing that Kampala Ink, the tattoo shop where Bebe Cool got his tattoo would call him for a free one and it all happened yesterday. The comedian got two tattoos of his children Abigail and Aayden on his right and left arms respectively.

Salvado’s children names Abigail and Aayden will forever appear on his right and left arms

The entire tattooing process went on as Salvado was live on Facebook at the Kla Ink base located at Yasigi Beer Garden in Kololo.

“My previous posts got me my first ever tattoo, these are the experiences we should get before we die, get a tattoo. If I can get a tattoo, who are you not t have it. All you hatters saying that my tattoos won’t be seen, shame on you. I am light skinned these days. I had a meeting with Bad Black so she gave the recipe so my tattoos will show.” Saldo said in the Facebook live video during the tattooing process

Salvado during the tattooing process at Kla Ink tattoo shop

Well, Kla Ink tattoo shop has truly turned into a destination for many celebrities who need to be inked and for the time they have spent in service, they have inked celebrities like Chameleone, Pallaso, Weasel, Judith Heard, Wiinie Nwagi, Bobi Wine among many others.

This is the picture that got salvado free tattoos at Kla Ink tattoo shop

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