Salvado Nails Deal With Ethiopian Airways To Replace RwandAir

If you have ever organized a concert, you will know the predicament Salvado Idringi was in a few days back when one of the major sponsors of his long awaited event dubbed ‘Africa Laughs’ pulled out at the last moment.

RwandAir had been the official sponsor of the event, only to pull out a week to the event. If it was someone else, they would have relaxed and lived up to the disappointment and maybe curse the airline company but the comedian just decided to look for another option.

After a few meetings , he managed to convince some of the big heads at Ethiopian Airways who decided to jump on board with immediate effect and now Salvado can concentrate in working out fresh jokes for his fans.


Salvado has nailed a new deal with Ethiopian Airways to sponsor his upcoming comedy show dubbed Africa Laughs season 3 after RwandAir pulled out.

“Wow, when God decides to show off, he shows off in style. So, we’ve done all we could to gather sponsorship for the show and all looks well until a week ago when I get saddening news from my airline sponsor, never has my patience been tasted like it was a week ago, but something in me kept saying it’s just a test, but I kept wondering who can jump on board as sponsor a week to the show… My head pounding I start making phone calls and sending proposals.” Salvado explained

“I ask around for the number of Ethiopian Airlines Uganda Country Manager. I try calling but he doesn’t pick so I WhatsApp him, he immediately whatsApped back saying he is in a meeting so asks we meet at 3pm at his office…that’s last week Wednesday, I go with my A+ game and I was like it was a do or die, he asks about the show and boom I go with my wololo.” He added


Eric Omondi from Kenya is among the comedians to perform at Africa Laughs season 3

“Hoooo I blubbered. He just said, I’ll share this with my Agency and he immediately does, that evening, I get a call from a one Mark Arnold and he says we meet at Serena. We did and boom he tells me I’ve been following your work for some time and I’ll tell you we are good to go. I was like what? Just like that and we signed off last evening.” Salvado says of his blessings.

It sure looks like Salvado’s rise to fame is eventually paying off as a deal that is supposed to take months to finalize only takes not more than a week for him to crack. Hopefully come Friday, he will be on top form alongside other big names in cracking ribs at Kampala Serena Hotel.


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