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Salvado Leaves Kigali Wanting More

A top notch performance from Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi and his fellow comedians Alex Muhangi and Ronnie Vex left the Rwandese in awe, and certainly craving for more of the show. This was at the kick start event of his Man From Ombokolo East African Tour, held in Kigali on Saturday.

The magnificently organized Hotel Villa Portofino had already sat a significant number of people by show time. Native band Trezzor opened the event officially, with a couple of string works that gave quite the impressive acoustic performance. With this, the audience was set, word and motion perfect, for the comedy to begin.


The audience enjoying the show

Alex Muhangi graced the stage first, and for someone camouflaging for a Rwandese, he did just fine. He broke into a few Rwandese songs that got the crowd excited, prior to his well put jokes that got him a well deserved ovation as he departed the stage 30 minutes later.


Alex Muhangi on stage


Alex Muhangi perfoming with Trezzor Band

On stepped very budding talent in Ronnie Vex and the crowd welcomed him with open mouths. They were laughing from the start and Vex seemingly knew just how to weave his way to their ribs. Having cemented a reputation for the best introductions here, there was no better choice than him to introduce the main act; and boy did he make it quite the landing for Salvador!


Ronnie Mc Vex on stage

Backed by A Pass’ ‘Mutuwulira’ from DJ Roja on the decks, a song he incidentally featured on, Salvador got onto the stage at 10:10pm. The crowd had waited for too long, and they gave him all the time. Like Alex, Salvador started by song, before taking the audience through a two-hour rollercoaster of classic stereotypical jokes and unstoppable laughter, till 11:15 when the show ended.


 Salvado -Man From Ombokolo on Stage cracked up the crowd


Dj Roja was on the turn tables


Salvado busy cracking the Rwandese

A number of Rwandese took to social media asking when ‘Mr. Shrek’ will be back in their town, evidencing how much they had loved the show. Salvador’s next stop will be Kenya as he continues the tour around the region.

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