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‘Same Way’ Video Gets Nigerian Endorsement

Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine backed up their beautiful song ‘Same Way’ with a beautiful video. Just days after its release, it seemed to be receiving an already resounding welcome, from both home and abroad as Nigerian site ‘Nigerian Entertainment Today’ was among the very first ones to review the video.

The video is a tactful work of the talented Kisha, shot here at the Lugogo Cricket Oval. Jasmine and Geosteady sing about a love where they need each other and can reach other in the same way. In the video, they play a couple enjoying a game of tennis, Jazmine flaunting her body in white and Geosteady pulling off the ‘Bad Guy’ look in a Bandana and a multi coloured shirt. There is also a change of attire, where Geosteady pulls off a hat and a red blazer, while Jazmine still glows in white.

Lydia Jazmine2 cut

Lydia Jasmine

The video though is seemingly set to have skyrocketing controversy following it, due to a scene where the two get so close, and to a naked eye, appear to kiss.

That aside though, it depicts two artistes who have their eyes focused on success. They sing so passionately and actively get involved in the video. Their two adorable voices blend beautifully, and their action on set seemingly comes naturally.

Geosteady signs a new deal


The video is a follow up to the audio that was produced by budding youngster Nessim at BADI, with an added juicy touch from Necta Music. It was edited, coloured and graded in South Africa, hence the added qualitative touch. From the look of things, it has the potential to take Africa by the horns, given its already good start.

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