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Sarah Musayimuto On Why She Used Ghetto Kids In Her Obulamu Tebulida Video

Diaspora based singer Sarah Musayimuto recently outed her Obulamu Tebulida which is vaguely translated as we only live once. Its an inspiration song encouraging people to live their lives fully.

In one of the verses Sarah says,

“Life is a Journey with no return ticket, don’t let your worries become your life regrets.” As a human race, many people have often fallen victim of living in the past carrying on regrets which end up taking a toll on them.

The singer exclusively told Chano8 how she got to meet the Ghetto kids she used in her video.

‘Since am always in Denmark, I visited Uganda to work on my charity and music project. I came by to visit the kids as I heard about their life story.’

‘I work on my charity organization musayimuto helping women and children.
As am a woman of hope and i love children. They inspired me.
I was amazed by the kids talent, I got to experience their Performance, dancing and singing and of course their life story.’

Have a look at the video below.


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