Sasha Vybz Also Takes Bebe Cool’s Journey

Arguably the best video director in Uganda for the past three years, Savy Filmz’s Sasha Vybz has also called it quits to all Ugandan award ceremonies, two days after Sheebah was excluded from the Club Music Video Awards (CMVA’s) and a week after Bebe Cool also quit.

Sasha hasn’t clearly stated his reasons why he made this drastic decision that only leaves a few prominent figures contending for the CMVA’s happening next month but this might be based on the fact that he might not be contented with how the organizers do their categories.


Sasha Vybz directing Chameleone’s ‘Wale Wale’ video


It shouldn’t be forgotten that the director a few weeks back was beaten to the best video director by little known NG Filmz UG (Dr Nolton) in the HiPipo music awards.

Sasha Vybz just like the rest used his social media platform to pass on this information writing that.

“We prefer not to be nominated again in any Ugandan awards. Please respect this humble request.” He said and also went ahead to tag award organizers like Hi Pipo, Club Music Video Awards, Uganda Entertainment Awards among others.


A screen shot of Sasha Vybz’s tweet telling award organisers never to nominate him again

Sasha Vybz has short videos like ‘Wale Wale’ by Chameleon, ‘Sente’ and ‘Na Na Na’ by Bebe Cool, ‘Mwana Gwe’ by King Saha and ‘Kisasi Kimu’ by Sheebah among others.


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