Schools Might Not Reopen Soon As Government Plans On Long Distance Education

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From the time the president, because of the fear of the outbreak of Covid19 ordered the schools, bars, places of worship to close and put a ban of public and social gatherings, students have been having  hopes that they might go back to resume studies.

Although the lockdown was slightly eased like allowing of public transport, opening of shopping malls among other things, from the look of things, especially after Monday evening’s president’s 16th address about the state of the nation on Covid19, schools might not open soon

The Ministry of Health which in the wake of the pandemic launched the ‘Tonsemberera’ campaign whose aim is to encourage citizens to keep a social distance from each other together with the president are not yet comfortable to reopen schools because Uganda is now in the dangerous stage of the Covid19 spread, with 797 cases confirmed by the time we went to press.

“As far as the Educational Institutions are concerned, nobody who cares about Uganda or our children is talking about re-opening them as of now. It is just too risky. I am very hopeful on the front of the vaccine and treatment.” Said the president in his speech to the nation.

The president urged the students to remain patient in the meantime as they plan to launch a big long distance education programme, certainly through radio stations.

“We are going to give free radio-sets to all the homesteads. Radios will soon be distributed. Also, the printed educational materials will be provided. I was personally, in favour of the free TV sets per village for the learners.” President Museveni added.

That aside, the students especially those in candidate classes really miss school  and they are worried how they they are going to answer their end of year exams.

“We are not sure of when we are going to do our exams, what we are going to be asked, even what we have is not yet enough in Mathematics” Said Nambejja Jacent a senior six (S6) student at Kololo Senior Secondary School



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