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Sean Kingston’s Bentley repossessed.

image via wikipedia

image via wikipedia

Sean Kingston, had a turn of bad luck this week when his Bentley was repossessed  on Wednesday night, March 26, in Hollywood, California. The singer’s white Bentley was valet parked in front of the Mandarin Hotel when it was spotted by a tow truck driver on a mission.

Within minutes, the car was being hauled off. Sean and his crew tried to argue that payments on the vehicle were current, but the repo crew wasn’t having it.

This embarrassing turn of events has left many of the singer’s fans scared that he could be in financial trouble.

Sean left the hotel without his ride. He was spotted later at a club in another ride.

Sean Kingston had a show in Uganda in 2011. He is most remembered for not letting the show’s MC JK Kazoora get away with his watch as he (Kazoora) was wont to with most of the international artists who performCulled from THISIS50.COMed here.



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