Sergeant Kifulugunyu Awarded With Medal

The Ugandan music industry has had all kinds of characters. Some medical doctors (Mozey Radio), some lawyers (Santana), others businessmen (Bobi Wine) but during the time when some had not even thought of becoming musicians, there was a soldier pursuing music as a career and we are talking of none other than Sergeant Kifulugunyu.

The name might not be familiar but some of his songs were really big hits back in the day and besides his songs, he had also made a name for himself was also known to wiggle his waist his a lot.


Sergeant Kifulugunyu greets President Yoweri Museveni after being honored

Having been a soldier who helped Uganda in the liberation struggle in the 80s, Sgt. Kifulugunyu now retired was officially awarded with a Luwero Triangle medal during the liberation day that took place at Golf Course grounds in Masindi town in a colourful ceremony on Thursday that marked NRA/NRMs 31 years in power.

Sgt (Rtd) Stanley Sempagala aka Sgt. Kifulugunyu is behind songs like ‘Aishaganisha’ and’ Mwoto na Waaka’, a song for the army that was recorded to motivate soldiers during the 1980s NRM bush war. 

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