Serial Thief Who Was ‘Arrested’ By Bees Vows Never To Steal Again

They say a thief always has his 40 days and over the weekend, this particular unidentified one from Masindi ran out of days as his time was up after stealing woofers from an unforgiving victim who decided to use his own means to recover his stolen property.

The owner of the woofers decided to send a swarm of bees to ‘arrest’ the thief as he was resting from his successful night mission ready to plan for the next day and how to convert his newly acquired asset to cash. And the bees according to eye witnesses did not disappoint as they too had a successful mission in arresting the thief.

As soon as they set sight of him, they pitched camp all over his torso and arms and particularly targeted his neck and face as they ‘ordered’ him to return the stolen media-playing electronics device.

He had no choice but to oblige as he quickly only dressed in a loose white pair of trausers lifted the machines and while breathing fire, started the long journey back to the owner of the stolen machines crying in his mother tongue while being accompanied by a cheering crowd of Masindi residents who kept snapping away and recording the incidence on their mobile phones which they later shared on social media.

The thief, who looks to be in his 20s, was forced to walk through Masindi town to the outskirts with the bees all over his half-naked body looking like angry soldiers on a rescue mission as he carried the stolen machine back to its owners amidst chants.

According to some of the locals, the owner is a resident of Kamunyonga village in Masindi although it was not easy by press time to get details or a comment from him.

The thief being escorted to the owner’s place after being ‘arrested’ by the bees

Meanwhile, the thief who kept crying as he rushed through the streets confessed to the town dwellers and vowed not to go back to the dirty business of stealing and asked for forgiveness according to a Boda boda cyclist who also recorded some of the first video clips.

“He kept crying and talking in tongues as he moved so fast while trying to thwart the insects but in vain. He later confessed and vowed never to repeat the act”. Said the Boda man only identified as Mzee.

The dramatic incidence which has since gone viral on social media and online news out lets, has left many wondering as to whether this act of witchcraft which also happened in Bungoma Kenya, actually works or is effective in curbing crime.

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