Sexy Body Wins: Azawi’s “Bamuttute” Music Video Tells It All

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi’s “Bamututte” music video was recently released. The song which is off her debut album titled “African Music” released in 2021, tells a story of how a girl loses her man to a sexy girl with a big booty.

In the audio produced by Nessim, Azawi sings lyrics which perfectly flow with the soothing Zouk beat, telling the sad story of a girl losing a man she is deeply in love with to another girl all because of her good looking body.

Efforts to win her man’s love again are futile as in some lyrics,  ‘desperate’ Azawi sings about getting a plan for this chick who has out of the blue come in her space and corrupted her man’s mind with her sexy self.

The Video:

Directed by Benon Mugumbya, the 3 minute and fifty four second music video starts off with a scene showing Azawi saying bye to her man (a tailor) whom she has come to pay a brief visit to at his workplace, during lunch hours.

The two lovers later exchange some sweet nothings and immediately after, she sits in her posh car to drive away. While in the process, the guy thanks her for the box lunch she brought for him, pecks her and goes back to his tailoring business.

Just a few seconds after igniting the car’s engine, this charming sexy chick with a big booty comes out of nowhere, walking to Azawi’s dude’s workstation to get her clothing measurements taken. As she is walking towards him, the dude gets completely being blown away by her nice looks and doesn’t even notice that his girlfriend is still in the vicinity.

Azawi who has already started the car then changes her mind and stays to see what her already mind corrupted boyfriend is going to do next with this girl, given that he has already lusted over her.

Meanwhile, as the man is busy taking the girl’s body measurements, Azawi is inside the car watching everything while covered up in a lot of insecurity and jealous because of the body language this chick is speaking to her man who also seems to be enjoying.

Things even get worse when later in the evening as they are eating dinner, the man excuses himself to go answer this new girl’s phone call. He doesn’t stop at only answering it in privacy but also stops eating and dresses up to go meet her at some night hangout spot. This comes like final evidence that indeed her man has truly turned his back against her.

They meet at the hangout place from where he is shown cheering her up while she wines her body for him, also attracting other men’s attention. Drama however ensues when he goes to the counter to buy drinks for both of them, only to return and finding this girl with another man, popping champagne among other things.

With all the disappointment, especially after the girl pretends like she doesn’t know him, he leaves the drinks he had brought on table in protest and brokenheartedly  storms out  and comes back home to his main girl Azawi whom he finds in bed, deep in the middle of a what seems like a one cold night.

This is not the end as the director shifts the viewer’s attention to a concluding scene where we see Azawi calling this guy (the new one whom this girl hooks up at the bar) and gives him instructions of probably ‘murdering’ or ‘kidnapping her’ so that she leaves her man for good. The director however leaves the viewer in suspense with a promised continuation of that.

Watch the music video here


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