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SHAME: Singer Barbi Jay Caught Pants Down With A Woman In A Car, Arrested

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Singer Barbi Jay was Last night embarrassed after the night police patrol  found him red handed in a sexual affair with a yet to be identified girl in a Toyota Mark 2 car that was parked besides the road near FUFA offices in Mengo, a Kampala city suburb.

It was reported that Police was tipped by some suspicious people who saw the car shaking and got concerned to know what was going on little did they know it was Barbi Jay who was making love to the girl.

Police first sealed off the whole road bringing traffic to a standstill as they tried to get Barbi Jay and the mystery chick who had refused to get out of the car claiming they weren’t in wrong. They however did come out later when they realised the police men were not giving up.

The self proclaimed ‘Nsolo Nkambwe’ which is Luagnda for ‘deadly animal’ was found shirtless in a black underwear where as the girl was found in a green mini-dress and on seeing police, The ‘Tombuuza’ singer rushed to get dressed up claiming that the girl is his fellow artiste and that they were allegedly going for a performance but all this did not help him.

 Amid lots of ululations from the a crowd of people who had gathered to see what was taking place, Barbi Jay and his girl  were arrested and taken to Lubaga Police station where they explained more and were charged with public nuisance, file number SD/REF;08/10/03/2018.

  The last time singer Barbi Jay was in the news this year was when he came out to hit back at A Pass who had said that him and Geosteady are local in A Pass’ recent so called social media beef with Geosteady. 

We have the photos. (Photo credit: Bukedde)

Barbie Jay explaining himself our to the police after being nabbed in the act

Barbi Jay and the mystery chick at Lubaga Police Station

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