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“She Begged To Join Us” – Singer Babaritah Explains How Fille Joined Her At Maritini Entertainment

We have even lost count of the number of times Fille has left Kats Music and returned. This time round, however, it seems like she has left for good though on good terms as she claimed that her former management gave her a greenlight on getting signed under a new one.

After the release of her new collabo song titled “Esawa Yona” with Maritini Entertainment’s Babaritah, a few days ago it was in the news that Fille joined the same record label owned by music manager and promoter Maritini, who is also Babaritah’s husband.

In an a Spark Television interview that featured the two singers, Fille was asked to throw more light on her new change of management.

The “Where Have You Been At” singer confirmed the move to Maritini which is a label they have worked with for a long time, when she was still at Kats Music.

“We have worked with Maritini for many years and even through years we have been friends, he has been supporting me in one way or the other so that made me make up my mind and to say to myself, ‘I know this guy, we are friends and he is also friends with my former management’ and yes, right now I am under Maritini Entertainment” Said Fille

After leaving Kats Music, singer Fille joined her friend and singer Babaritah at Maritini Entertainment

Fille Begged to Joined Maritini Entertainment

Meanwhile, before she joined the now new record label, it was revealed that Fille begged Maritini to join his label. Babaritah made it even easier for  her to join, if what she said in the interview is anything to rely on.

She begged to join the label and as ‘a sister’, I was like it’s Ok, let’s allow her to join and we be together under Maritini. The management welcomed her and we shall be working as a team” Explained Babaritah

Basing on their smooth friendship, Fille and Babaritah have a chemistry which might even result into more hit collabo tunes like their 2017 collabo titled “Akatijjo” which garnered a big fanbase for Babaritah, given that they are now under one managemet.

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