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“She Hid The Channel”- Black Market Records Responds To Nina Roz’ Allegations Of Suspending Her YouTube Channel

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Six days ago, singer Niza Roz took to her official Facebook page to inform fans that she is currently not signed under any record label.

This meant that Roz is no longer under Black Market Records, an American based record label she signed a 5-year contract with in August 2020. This came like a confirmation to all the rumours that ‘dissatisfied’ artiste was on the verge of leaving.

Nina also revealed that on learning that she left, the label ‘suspended’ her official YouTube channel and this has not gone down well with the fast rising singer who is even threatening to sue them over the channel’s suspension because she doesn’t see any reason why they would do so.

“Right now my YouTube channel is down and I want to tell my fans not to dare subscribe to any channel in my name. We are going to fight this battle using the law because I cannot fight it personally. I don’t know why they suspended my channel” Nina Said in an interview with a local TV show.

Meanwhile, much as this has been in the news, Black Market Records had remained tightlipped until Wednesday when they issued a statement on their official social media platforms.

In the statement, the label denied all Nina’s allegations saying that they are “unsubstantiated and untrue”.

The statement further indicated that since the label was established 32 years ago, they have “maintained the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency in all their business dealings”.

They made it clear to the public that the said YouTube channel still belongs to Nina whom from the time they signed, have been contacting to give them logins whenever they wanted to upload content on or promote the channel.

They also bragged how they manage YouTube channels of over 300 artistes signed to them all over the world and none has ever come out to accuse them of pulling down or taking over their channel.

In a shocking revelation, Black Market say that they recently wanted to upload her new song titled “Ontekako” on the channel but she this time round denied them logins for a reason best known to herself .

They however were successful in uploading the song on VEVO, which is an independent music channel  that later pushed the song on to Nina’s official YouTube channel and on realizing, the singer immediately decided to hide the channel.

They asked the public and their clients to disregard Nina Roz’ allegations and treat them as baseless and unfounded.

“Recently however, we wanted to upload a new song of “Ontekako” that we had just released and she denied us access to the YouTube channel for a reason best known to herself. We did however succeed to upload the song on VEVO channel which is an independent music channel that later pushed the same song to Nina Roz’ YouTube channel  that she immediately manipulated by hiding the channel after realizing that the song had been uploaded.” Reads the statement in part

Much as the song is up on some VEVO channel in Nina’s name, the singer insist that she doesn’t own any VEVO channel.





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