Sheebah Coming Back In Fashion Business Like She Never Left

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Of recent, you might have noticed that Team No Sleeps Dancehall singer Sheebah Karungi has been rocking jump suits like crazy. The reason is not because they are classy or to parade her curves but she is simply showcasing her collection ahead of a fashion shop she is about to launch soon.

The ‘Twesaana’ hit maker who is also currently by far one of Uganda’s baddest female artistes made an announcement of how she is coming back into the fashion business she had quit some years ago to focus of her first love, music because she couldn’t balance between the two

 “When I Left Obsessions, I Was Working For Some 1 As The Stylist, Manager & The Face Of The Boutique ( Shibahs Boutique @Kampalard) I Even Launched A Fashion Line (K.Sheebah) And I Remember Even Doing Small Fashion Shows With My Primary School Friends From Kawempe As The Models. Anyways, I Put It On Hold Cause I Couldn’t Afford Both The Fashion & Music At The Same Time So I Was Forced To Choose My First Love, Music. Well Guess What, Am Back In The Fashion Business! Like I Never Left!! We Will Be Telling You More About This With My Business Partner @danielinem Who Is Also My Very First Official Stylist” Sheebah posted on her Facebook page recently.

Like she said that she could afford both the fashion and music industries at the same time, years later, She feels she can now be able to juggle between the two and we are just waiting for the time when she opens the shop.

While performing at Roden Y’s ‘Sitani Tonkema Concert’ last Friday the 8th of December at Laftaz Lounge, Sheebah was heard trying to market her upcoming shop asking whether fans will come to shop to support her.

“Do you like my outfit? I am soon opening up a fashion shop where you can get all my collection, will you come to show me your support?” Sheebah asked

To all the Sheebaholics who are in love with Sheebah’s dress code, watch this space and Chano8 will keep you in the know of when the shop will open its doors  

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