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Sheebah In Big Trouble Over Her Dress Code

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

At one time, Sheebah Karungi said on live TV that she is not a celebrity worth idolizing and she said this because of her dress code which is perceived as indecent. She has been wearing skimpy clothes ever since the Obsession days but it looks like her dress code has put her in trouble.

Last week, she again performed at Club Amnesia in clothes that made her seem naked and this caught the attention of the pornography committee which is contemplating on disciplining her.

According to Annette Kezaabu, the chairperson pornography Control Committee, Sheebah is one of the people they are going to arrest.

“Those are some of the people we are going after. I saw her picture when she was wearing a costume-like outfit that was transparent. She was so indecent,” she said. 

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Whether she was bluffing or not, Sheebah should start checking herself otherwise she might find herself behind bars or forbidden from performing. However, this could also be another case where by the authorities act after several warnings.

We shall keep you posted about this.

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