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“Sheebah Is My Role Model” Says Singer Sarah Short

We used to think that it’s always the old artistes who inspire the younger ones but things seem to have changed lately, at least when it comes to Ugandan singer Sheebah Karungi.

It looks like the Team No Sleep musician is not only inspiring upcoming artistes but even those who have been there but whose careers took a sudden break.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Live Wire, singer Sarah Short admitted that she now looks up to Sheebah and wants to be as successfully as she is.

“The musician I look up to is Sheebah. She is so talented, releases hits and her fashion is on point,” Sarah Short said before adding that if it were not up for her size, she would be designing the same way as Sheebah.

Sarah Short is a Ugandan musician who had her first solo concert in 2012 at club Obligato that attracted a sizeable crowd. She is also known for her dancing antics and acting.

Sheebah has inspired many artistes, both young and old

Among her common songs include Nkikugambye, Sikyanoonya, Mukama Neyanze and Nalisimanyi among others which she usually performs with a live band.


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