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Sheebah Karungi Robbed !

As of now, Sheeba might still be mourning after thieves broke into her apartment and stole items worth millions on Thursday morning.

The ‘Team No Sleep’ artiste took her frustration to her Instagram and bashed the thieves who stole her things saying “My day whole day has been a mess because of some fools that can’t work for themselves but love eating off people’s sweat. You break into a single woman’s apartment and steal.”

Even though much was stolen, Sheeba was hurt the most by the loss of her awards. “Some stuff you took meant a lot to me than your peanut minds would ever understand. Why would you steal my award anyway?” She asked.

Sheeba won artiste of the year

Sheeba Karungi (2nd R) pictured here with socialite Judith Heard (in red) was named female artiste of the year at the just concluded Zzina awards

It is for this specific reason that the former Obsessions singer has decided to start training in self-defense classes so that if the thieves come back again, she can be able to defend herself.

The ‘Ice cream’ artiste is popularly known to party until morning and the thieves might have taken this for their advantage to take what doesn’t belong to them.

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