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Sheebah Karungi’s Magnificent Mansion Near Completion

Team No Sleep’s singer Sheebah Karungi will never cease to surprise us. She is the only Ugandan artiste whose video premiers get an overwhelming crowd that fills venues to capacity, without forgetting her 2016 concert that filled Hotel Africa’s packing space to capacity that forced hundreds of revellers not to have access to the venue.

Those who know Sheebah will agree with us that she is a down to earth person who does things in her own way and this has helped her to stay relevant. After spending years as a tenant, in a few months if not weeks to come, the ‘Ice Cream’ singer will be officially living in her very own mansion which is near completion

Photos of the two-story house which sits in Munyoyo just near Speak Resort Munyonyo made their way on social media and since then, social media users have been left surprised on how Sheebah could manage put up a house like that which some male artistes who have spent more years in the industry than her have failed to build

Amidst the music business challenges, Sheebah has also been busy making ends meet for her house’s completion and as we write this, only a few things are left

Chano8 talked to Mariam Jumba who is Sheebah right hand woman this this what she had to say. “She began building the house in January this year and she is expect occupy it before end of this year”

A look at singer Sheebah Karungi’s magnificent mansion

When it comes to musicians showing off their property, it is always the male ones who take the lead and a very good example is in Uganda. Through the years, we have seen our very own local male artistes brag about their belongings like cars, hoses, designer cloths to mention but a few but on rare occasions, we have seen female artistes do the same.


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