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Sheebah Paints A Picture Of The Kind Of Partner She Loves To End Up With

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Team No Sleep’s singer Sheebah Karungi has truly faced pressure of questions from Ugandans on social media and some entertainment journalists on why she is still ‘single’. 

Concerned people have through the years wanted to know the lucky dude whom Sheebah calls boyfriend but all in vain. At some point, she was rumoured to be in a relationship with her manager Jeff Kiwa but she denied, asserting that she cannot date her manager,

In one of the television interviews some few months ago, the singer was asked whether she has plans of bearing children. In her response, she said that people are just rushing her to do something she isn’t ready for.

A few days ago, yet in another television interview, Queen Sheebah (as she calls herself) was asked to mention the characteristics her ideal man should have

“First and foremost, I don’t want to lie to you, I will never get married so I am referring to a partner not husband here. The type of a partner I would like to end up with, I will require only three things from him. He must be in love with and obsessed with me, my character and who I am. Secondly, respectful and finally, I need a man with whom we can sit on the same table, I tell him my plans and he asks he how he can help me. It’s called support. I need a supportive man.”

She added that she doesn’t need a man who will ask her a lot of questions like where are you going?, when are you coming back?, where did you sleep?, she rather wants a person who is going to sit her down and let them talk about things on a round table

The “Ice Cream” hit singer also disclosed that even if she finally finds the partner, their relationship will be kept private because she is a person who loves her privacy so much.


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