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“Sheebah I Still Love You No Matter What” – Pallaso

Having since the beef between him and his once close friend Sheebah escalated, Pallaso came out and put an end to it by confessing how he still loves her.

Sheebah I still love you no matter what..You are not your mistakes and I am not my mistakes neither. I don’t say sorry because I am scared but because I have gratitude and I could say so much more that could hurt you and you can say so much that can hurt me and it breaks me inside because that’s breaking not building,’ he said before going to reflect on the good old times, ‘We built so much together that the world would love to see break..it’s never too late.’

The good old days: Pallaso performs on stage with Sheebah

The good old days: Pallaso performs on stage with Sheebah

With rumors flying high that Sheebah could be working on a diss track, the twatoba singer addressed them saying he would create a song about their fond memories,

‘I heard you are creating another one ‪#‎Kisasikimu‬ again in diss again. If I ever create any song about you again.. It’s gonna be about how many great things we shared.’

Pallaso concluded by asking Sheebah to forget about the rumors flying around on Facebook, other media outlets and Jeff Kiwa because he loves her.

‘I still love you and I hope you do the same..God bless your journey.’

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