Sheebah’s Africana Concert Attracts Record Crowd

No one thought this would happen. No one thought that an artiste who was rejected back then because of her luck of talent, because of her indecent dressing, because of her looks could actually turn out to be arguably the best Ugandan artiste in 2015 and this was further cemented after she broke Africana’s attendance record last Friday evening.

Sheebah Karungi from Team No Sleep did what few artistes like Geofrey Lutaya, Bobi Wine, Goodlyf and David Lutalo had previously done and why it has to be put into consideration is because she’s the first female artiste to fill Africana to the extent that people who already had tickets were denied entry due to the fact that the venue was full to capacity and this was during her ‘Nkwatako album launch’.


Sheebah(2nd L) performs alongside Aziz Azion on Friday

By 6pm, people were already streaming into the venue and by 10pm, all the gates were closed with hundreds still stuck outside. And different from other events, almost everyone paid to watch Sheebah including a few journalists who were supposed to cover the event.


There was a massive turn up at Sheebah’s concert at Hotel Africana

Before Sheebah came on stage, a chance was given to other artistes to perform on this historic day and they too didn’t disappoint. Roden Y, Chozen, Diamong Oscar, Fefe Busi, Desire Luzinda, Rema, Aziz Azion, Mesach Ssemakula and Bebe Cool all showed their support to Sheeba who’s performance was preceded by a video clip in which she explained her musical journey.

At first people were touched to hear her story but after ten minutes, the audience grew impatient and started indicating that time was being wasted. This prompted the UB5 band to starting playing their instruments, after which Sheebah along with her dancers took to the stage.

She did songs like ‘Jordan’, Automatic, By the way, Ice Cream, go down low, Kisasi Kimu and the title album track ‘Nkwatako’ all these and others in two sessions.

The former Obsessions dancer knows how to work the crowd as they responded well on every song she did. At one point, she instructed them to light up their torches in honor of her fallen friend and fellow TNS artiste AK47 and they gladly adhered.    


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