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Sheebah’s Heartfelt Message Leaves Pallaso In Awe

When Pallaso made a public statement about having nothing but love for Sheebah on Sunday many fans couldn’t help but be happy for the former colleagues who brought us club bangers like go down low that swept Uganda by storm.

In a heartful message the twatoba singer said,

‘Sheebah I still love you no matter what..You are not your mistakes and I am not my mistakes neither. I don’t say sorry because I am scared but because I have gratitude and I could say so much more that could hurt you and you can say so much that can hurt me and it breaks me inside because that’s breaking not building,’ he said before going to reflect on the good old times, ‘We built so much together that the world would love to see break..it’s never too late.’

Pallaso and Sheebah have quashed the beef rumors

Pallaso and Sheebah have quashed the beef rumors

It was on those grounds that Sheebah also went to quash the beef in a very heartfelt message that left Pallaso more than proud,

‘We together have changed Ugandan music to a new direction and generation and people have loved us and supported us. Either way, we all have different destinies and in the end, each one of us will be weighed by his sole creations.’

‘You are a great woman and I have always known you to being the lady you have turned out to be in this very emotional message regardless of everything else that has been fabricated to create the damage,’ Pallaso said.

It’s the mutual respect and love these two artists have for each other that has seen them quash this so called fabricated beef. And just like Pallaso said, ‘The future is brighter and there is still so many more fruits to look forward to.’

The singer will be performing at Radio and Weasel’s Omwana Wabandi concert later today at hotel Africana.

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