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Sheebah’s ‘Real Age’ Put To Test By Her Sister

Age and women usually don’t mix. In fact, that also applies to footballers because both always want to stay forever young unless for some reason it pops up through a family secret.

An artiste like Desire Luzinda has always said she is 25-years old until last year when she celebrated her 26th birthday. Leila Kayondo, Juliana Kanyomozi and many more have all changed the subject when questions about their age arise.

But yesterday, we got closer to finding out Sheebah’s real age, not directly but through her sister and the details are rather shocking.Sheebah while celebrating her last birthday claimed she is 26-years old but it emerged that the artiste has actually been mentioning her sisters age all along. Yes her sisters age because her younger sibling on Tuseday celebrated her 26th birthday.


Sheebah(R) and her younger sister


Mariam Jumba although looks ‘healthier’ and bigger physically, is the little sister to Sheebah Karungi and just like a big sister, the ‘Akuse’ musician ensured that she kept  by her side all the time by making her a member of the Sheebaholics the fans club behind Sheebah and other Team No Sleep members.

Now the question is, if Jumba is 26-years old and is the younger sister to Sheebah, how old is the musician herself? Well this is a question that only her family members can answer. But your guess is as good as mine.

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