Sheebah’s ‘The Way’ Video Premiere Attracts Yet Another Massive Crowd

All photos By Habre Muriisa

How Team No Sleep and Dancehall artiste Sheebah Karungi pull off these massive crowds we don’t know but one thing we have to commend her and the team for is fulfilling all their promises to fans at all the concerts and video premieres they have held of late. Last year around this time, Sheebah had an amazing attendance while premiering her ‘Nkwatako’ (triple video) and again, history repeated itself last night at the long awaited ‘The Way’ video premiere.


A section of the revellers who who came through for the video premiere


Sheebah drove the crowd crazy with her performance

Acclaimed to be one of the most expensive videos in 2017 the video shot and directed by Sasha Vybz, was officially unveiled as the lady of the night Sheebah took to the stage at 14 minutes past 1 AM to premiere it amid lots of ululations from the full capacity crowd which had just been ignited by Roden Y (Kabako) with his trade mark full-energy performances.


Some of the Sheebaholics dancing to the beats


Fans cheered her along as she performed songs like her freshest one ‘Bamusakata’, which fans asked her to repeat, ‘Ndiwanjawulo’, ‘Nkwatako’ and with the crowd to their heels, she performed the song ‘The Way’ and this time seemed like the show had just began.


Revellers especially women, were seen wiggling to the beats as Queen Sheebah did her thing and later joined the crowd for the official premiere where the video was played on a projector as the crowd continued to applaud.

On the other hand, the gig earlier had other performers who curtain raised starting from 10:47 PM with H2C Dance Group, Topic, Diamond Oscar, Tonny Trust, Shidy Stylo, Fik Fameihka, Chozen Blood, Lydia Jazmine, Fefe Busi, Ykee Benda, Aziz Azion, Vampino alongside Party Pipo dance crew and lastly Roden Y (Kabako)


Sheebah taking selfies of her before taking to the stage

All in all, ‘The Way’ video premiere from Sheebah was a success and those who attended will testify to this although there were a few sound glitches when artistes Ykee Benda and Roden Y were performing. Keep your eyes locked to Chano8 for the full review of the song. For more pictures, click Gallery on the menu bar on our homepage.





Fans lifting the Sheebah flag high


Sheebah Karungi and her sister

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Aziz Azion


Lydia Jazmine came through to support a sister


Fefe Busi the smallest rapper


Team No Sleep’s Chozen Blood


Ykee Benda

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