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Sheila Don Zella Finally Acknowledges Her Unending Love For Big Eye

During the time Big Eye was still dating Don Sheila, he was the talk of town even when his music was nothing to talk about. They always found a reason to make the media talk about them especially Big Eye. Either about his hummer ride, his home or their family.


Sheila Don Zella aka Sheila Da Don expresses her unending love for artiste Big Eye

This went on for about two years until their relationship started to stumble. First the rides disappeared, then he lost custody of the children and finally his music career started backsliding because Sheila was no longer financing him.  

However, today Sheila acknowledged her love for Big Eye as a loving and caring father.

“When he missed his daughter today he made her his WhatsApp profile picture. He will always and always have a special place in our family he was a good dad he fathered my children without segregation. We have a lot that connects us together which you will never take away forever. He’s the father to my children forever.” Don Sheila said.


The WhatsApp profile picture (‘DP) of singer Big Eye and his child with Don Zella

The two have three children together and are now both artistes after Sheila joined the music industry with two songs so far.


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