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Sheilah Gashumba’s Boyfriend God’s Plan Shows Men How To Apologize With Swag

You will just have to forgive us but we just can’t get enough of the new couple on the block Marcus aka God’s Plan and Sheilah Gashumba.

After he surprised her with a banquet of flowers and chocolates on her birthday and in return shopping for him clothes worth shs3million at Abryanz shop, Marcus a few days ago did something that has made so many men envious.

He went out on Saturday evening without telling Sheila and usually, they are always out together but on realizing his mistake, he decided to send her chocolate, flowers and a cake with words ‘I’m sorry’.

Speaking about this, Sheila said. “Awww!! My boyfriend went out last night without letting me know and he knew that was trouble for him!! His apology is soo thoughtful. He is definitely forgiven but for only today, it’s the respect that matters not the money. Okay now who wants to eat some Cake with me” Sheilla posted on social media.

God’s Plan sent Sheilah flowers, a card and a cake to apologize for going out alone. 


The couple has been in the news ever since Sheila decided to quit her NTV job and go for holiday with the mysterious dude in Dubai. They have since been splashing their romance all over social media although Mercus is said to be married to another woman who even has his baby.

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