Shifah Musisi Teams With Joseph Sax On A Soothing ‘Life With Out You’

In this life we live, there is someone who we sometimes never take seriously despite the fact that he cares about us and that is none other than the almighty God. The air we breathe, food we eat and so many other important things in life are given to us by him and in singer Shifah Musisi’s new song dubbed ‘Life With Out You’ the Afro-Jazz version, she talks about God’s everlasting grace for us which she can’t compare with anything in this world.

There is no life with out God according to singer Musisi

About The Song

The 5-minute song produced by Sam Bisaso of Black Smiph begins with a soothing melody of a saxophone that takes the listener’s minds away into space for like a minute and a half. A special round of applause to Joseph Sax who features Shifah on this song. Shifah later introduces the song asking a question of what is life without the almighty God and his grace.

As a matter of fact, no life is good without the almighty lord which Shifah tries to explain in this song and lines like ‘what is life without your mercy and there is no life without you lord’ clearly showcase that we indeed need God’s presence in our lives regardless of what levels in life we are at.

Shifah Musisi says despite all the fame, money and on top of being a celebrated artiste, this is all meaningless without the lord whom she ‘wants to worship and love without failure’.

Joseph Sax did a good job in the song

Basing on the fact that this is a jazz version, it’s highly audible sax melodies that match with Shifah’s lyrics adds a big impact to the song that is full of praise to God. However, there are other instruments like the lead guitar which also spices the song for the listener to follow and enjoy.

Listen to ‘Life Without You’ by Shifah Musisi and Joseph Sax below

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