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Shifah Musisi’s Amazing ‘Olugendo’ Album European Tour

On her move to promote her music and her new ‘Olugendo’ album, songstress and fashion designer at Marish Designs Shifah Musisi is on her European tour to move and spread the wings of her 7 track album over there. The ‘Olugendo Album Tour’ has seen the ‘Endongo Yange’ singer showcase her musical talent to the Europeans and truly she has been embraced.

The tour that began on the 8th of July saw her perform in Spain, Portugal Norway and lastly Sweden where she is apparently with two more only shows left to the end of her tour. She went with one of Uganda’s best percussionist Abraham Sekasi with whom they performed and are still performing together.

Chano8 reached out to Shifah and this is what she had to say straight from Sweden.

“I have enjoyed the whole experience…people have really appreciated my music and made me stronger. On this journey I was with a number of talented musicians from different countries and it was such an honour performing with them on different stages in Europe.”Explained Shifah Musisi.

“We travelled two from home that is me and my friend and brother Sekasi Abraham who is a percussionist and it was such an honour too travelling with him because he is very talented you know.” She concluded.

Pictorial of Shifah Musisi’s European Olugendo Album tour


Shifah Musisi performing at one of the shows



Abraham Sekasi


Shifah Musisi being interviewed by VLT TV


Percussionist Abraham Sekasi doing his thing

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