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Shock And Drama As Chats Showing Andrew Kabuura Has ‘Been Cheating On Wife’ Flavia Tumusiime Leak

On top of shock, drama also ensued on Sunday when leaked screen shots showing WhatsApp chats of who is said to be NTV’s Andrew Kabuura ‘cheating on his wife’, Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime with a one Mercy, made their way on social media.

Kabuura’s, alleged chats with this Mercy Twinomujuni chick who apparently works at the French Embassy in Kampala, Uganda, show that the two have been in what we may call a ‘secret affair’ and have also been making appointments of meeting up around Kampala.

In some of the chats, the person who said to be Andrew tells Mercy “We should confirm time either kesho (Swahili for tomorrow) or Wednesday morning I suggest. May be I should pass by your apartment after my show”

In response, Mercy gives Kabuura a greenlight saying “At this rate you should”. In another chat, Mercy asks Kabuura “You are at your warehouse? I’m in kisaasi now should I come by. Actually it’s a terrible idea”.

The NTV “Pressbox” sports show host who is probably also in the mood of seeing her, replies “please do, it’s a beautiful idea, I will drop you”

It seems like the Kisaasi link up didn’t happen as the next day, disappointed Andrew complains about her failure to make it the previous day. “Its you who didn’t show up yesterday”. Apologetic Mercy explains saying “I tried, It was just not possible. I’m sorry”

Gong by the chats in same screenshots, the two have not only been texting in English but also in French and have also been exchanging photos of themselves.

From the time the screen shots leaked, it has been and is still one of the hottest topics of discussion on local entertainment TV shows and social media, with many people judging Kabuura for hurting Flavia’s feelings where as there those who think they are trying to frame him.

“Tho Screen shots actually Look fake, Kabuura is too smart to compromise himself like that” One twitter user Victor said

“I love the way kabuura cheats, you cheat in different languages comfuse the inlaws am sure you won’t the whole story flowing” a one Fahad joked.

“Kabuura is a horny married man yarabi”- Said Asra Shots Ug

“Kabuura cheating on a beautiful cute young lady isn’t right men mwedeko bambi” Ghetto Kid advised

Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi also comes in the mix when she shared a photo of Flavia on her Instagram and Facebook pages and accompanied it with words accusing society of mocking her in these times.

According to her (Sheebah), “she is disgusted by the way society is  disrespecting a very hard working, respectful , brilliant woman like Flavia Tumusiime”

Sheebah also ranted that when time a man strays in marriage, the blame is always placed on the woman “even when it’s wrong”

Meanwhile, Kabuura and Flavia who got married in July 2019 have since remained tightlipped about this whole matter as by the time we went to press, none of the two had issued any statement about this drama

Also, it not clear whether the screenshots were taken and leaked by Mercy herself but seems like they were gotten from her phone because of the fact that the WhatsApp wallpaper is of a photo of her.



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