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Shock As NXT Radio Presenters Karitas And McVex Attack Each Other Live On Air

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On Friday, Kamwokya based NXT Radio presenters Ronnie McVex and Karitas Karisimbi lost it and got into a heated argument live on air.

Their ‘NXT Transit’ show was going on smoothly until Karitas raised her concern over Ronnie’s statement citing that he has no audacity to “call someone ugly”. This further turned into the said argument as Ronnie tried to give reasons to defend his himself which Karitas wasn’t listening to

As Ronnie continued explaining himself, he gave an example in which he likened Karitas’ hairdo to one done by women who stay in mizigo (rentals). This rubbed already angry Karitas the wrong way. She wondered how all of a sudden Ronnie jumped from what they were arguing about to insult her over her hairstyle.

“So how do I get into this conversation. What has my hair got to do with anything?” she asked before going ahead to assure Ronnie how he has never paid a single shilling for her hair. Meanwhile as she was doing so, she was all angrily swinging her arms and removing the studio headphones, marching out of the studio in protest a few seconds later.

Hours later after  their altercation, she took to her twitter account to share it with her 3,327 followers and she therefore wants Ronnie to apologise.

“So today during #NxtTransit on @nxtradioug@RonnieMcVex said “it’s ok to tell a lady she is ugly”, I found it very offensive. Then pointing at me he goes “it’s like saying your hair looks like hair done by mizigo women” how dare he!! He has to apologise” Read Karitas’ tweet

From the time this happened, it’s been a point of discussion on Twitter with some people siding with her and some siding with Ronnie saying that she misunderstood him.

Meawhile, there are rumours that she has threatened to quit her job at NXT Radio if Ronnie doesn’t apologise.

Watch Karitas and Ronnie McVex altercation below




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