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Shock As Rapper Fresh Kid’s Father Also Joins The Music Industry

  • Rapper Fresh Kid’s father joins music. His stage name is Fresh Daddy.

At this point, we can confirm that Fresh Kid inspires his father. Ever since his child became a celebrity, Mutabazi Paul’s life changed for the better and on Wednesday, he did the unbelievable when he hit studio and recorded a song.

Going by the video clip making rounds on social media that shows him in Aganaga’s studio Bad Character Records , Mr Mutabazi has made his entry in the music industry.

The song titled ‘Amazike’ which is a slang for to mean money has a simple story line that ‘money is the driving factor in everyone’s life’.

“Those who travel abroad are looking for (mazike), Freshkid is looking for mazike. I am also looking for mazike.” Those are some of the lyrics in the song.

Fresh Kid’s father whose stage name is ‘Fresh Daddy’ implored the public to support his music career in one of the lines in the song.

“My name is Mutabazi Paul, father to Fresh Kid Uganda celeb superstar. Thank you for supporting us. Let me hope my new song ‘Amazike’, you will support me.”

With his son’s limelight, he believes he can also pull up a good singing career and this comes just days after he was criticized for trying to block his son’s chances of travelling to perform at shows abroad. This was after he had insisted on traveling with his son against the shows promoters’ will

Watch Fresh Kid’s father in studio

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