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Shock: Former NTV Presenter Dave Dash Runs Mad

A section of some people have taken to social media to criticize former NTV presenter Dave Dash over drug abuse after he was seen walking completely naked on the road from Gaba to Bunga (Kampala suburbs). This came after someone shared photos and a video clip of him naked and since then they have trended all over social media.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Dash real names Lukwago Davis and his Dutch girlfriend and mother of his son broke up and after the break up, she denied him access to the kid and neither could she hear his explanations to make up. From that time, Dash disappeared off the social scene and the next thing we heard from him is that he was walking in the middle of the road in Adams suit

However, close people a blaming his madness on the fact that he has been abusing drugs and alcohol on a daily basis because of depression and by the time we went to press, his family and friends were making all efforts to get him to a rehabilitation centre. This is too sad.  

Dave Dash walking on the streets naked

Dave Dash and his ex girlfriend and their son Xion


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