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Shocker: Angella Katatumba Caught On Camera Being Smooched By Kuz KZ

We really think that the whole saga involving singer Angella Katatumba and Chicken Tonight Restaurant workers is much deeper than first thought or portrayed in public. First of all, the incident where Angella claims that alongside her  visiting Jamaican friend Kuz KZ were badly assaulted  by the restaurant’s Kabalagala branch manager and security guard happened on Thursday the 29th Of March but for some reason, the news was broken to the public in mid April by Angella’s brother identified as Allan Katatumba through a facebook post.

The so claimed assault was shown in a video footage recorded by the restaurant’s CCTV cameras where we saw Angella and Kuz being thumped but in more videos that later surfaced, opposed to those we saw, it is clear that Angella and Kuz K started the fire. That no,longer makes news but the trending news surrounding this whole matter is that the men who attacked Angella and Kuz KZ were remanded to Luzira prison.

However, it seems that more videos are still coming out and leaving the fighting video footage alone, another video that shows Angella and Kuz smooching each other before the fights began  made it’s way on social media.

The video shows the two doing funny things at the restaurant’s counter while making their food orders. Angella and Kuz are seen leaning against the counter before Kuz unleashes  his ‘Jamaican craziness’ and later begins dry-humping and spanking Angella’s behind in an erotic manner with Angella remaining unmoved and leaning against the counter.

Kuz later gets more serious on Angella who seems very conformable with the actions he was doing to her but worst comes to the worst when Kuz tries to engage a customer who was standing besides them to also join in the act and have a taste of Angella. The customer just marches out in disgust and leaves them doing their thing.

Question: Could this be a confirmation that Angella and Kuz KZ are in love? Which responsible and respectable woman would allow a man do things of that kind to her in public. We shall leave this here. Just see the video for your self and leave your comment on our Facebook page.

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