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Shocking Reason Why General Saleh Rejected Chameleone’s Association In Favour Of UMA

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Reports from the recent meeting between artistes and the head of the Operation Wealth Creation General Salim Saleh indicate that he didn’t welcome the idea of musicians being under multiple associations.

Saleh told them that government recognizes only one association that is the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and all new associations must be under UMA.

He made the remarks after veteran singer Jose Chameleone presented to him the articles and memorandum of the newly founded United Musicians Superstars Association

He said this is the only way artistes will be organized as he is tired of getting funding proposals from multiple artistes and comedians associations.

It is against this background that artiste’s resolved to respect UMA and its leadership as they agreed to work on a song including all the rivaling artistes as a sign that they have agreed to unite.

Abdul Mulasi, a local Kadongo Kamu singer  told the media in Kampala on Tuesday that government will be using the Uganda National Culture Centre and the Uganda Musicians Association to deal with issues of the creative industry.

“Chameleone and his members expected General Saleh to endorse his association as the federation for other associations but that didn’t happen because government is interested in having one association led by singer Cindy Sanyu,” he said.


There was excitement from Chameleone’s side as his members expected to get huge chunks of money after the meeting but this didn’t happen as they were told to use the platforms created by the government to work and survive during the lockdown period

The General advised them to use the e-concert platform to perform every Saturday and also create music albums that will be sold to Uga-Tunes, a new digital music distribution platform funded by Operation Wealth Creation.

During the meeting, artistes discovered that government had invested Ug Shs 300 millions into the virtual concert, 800million into UgaTunes and another 800m in the Uganda National culture Forum headed by singer Ragga Dee.

Last Saturday, music promoter Juma Balunywa told the public after the first edition of the virtual concerts  will go on up to June next year.

“We don’t expect government to lift restrictions on the entertainment industry now, that’s why these shows will last for about 12 months from today,” he added.

He said each performer will be paid according to the agreement they will be making before the show.








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