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Shocking Reason Why Singer Big Eye Abandoned Uganda For The UK

Musician Big Eye, famed for songs such as ‘Nfaamu’, ‘Mango Juice’ and ‘Sulaa Indicator’ among others is now in London and he might not return to Uganda soon.

Big Eye puts the blame on People Power supporters who he says have made life hard for him ever since he showed the side he is supporting in politics.

A few days ago, he posted on his social media that he is for the moment going to be residing in the UK to plan to further what he is going to do next.

“Abawagizi ba people power munemeseza okola e’uganda nemwelabira nti nina responsibilities. kanjira mbeerako ebungereza.” Read Big Eye’s post on Facebook

This can be loosely translated as ‘People Power supporters, you have made it impossible for me to work in Uganda yet I have responsibilities. Let me first stay in the UK’

Big Eye real names Ibrahim Mayanja further sent out warning shots to the same People Power whom he accuses he alleges to have failed him to work in Uganda. He told them off that he doesn’t see any problem in supporting Museveni and his ruling NRM party .

“I repeat” I don’t see any problem with supporting Mr YK Museveni. He has changed the life of Uganda ever since he came to power. You will remember my words”.

Meanwhile, all this comes a few weeks after he was denied to perform at UBC TV’s Calvin Da Entertainers ‘Take Over Party’ at Freedom City Mall auditorium.

Big Eye is one of the few musicians in Uganda who publicly pledges his allegiance to the ruling party NRM. But according to some sections in the media, they believe that he just wants public sympathy.

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