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Shocking Secrets Revealed In The Pastor Ssematimba And Former Maid Child Custody Battle Drama

Former Busiro South MP and pastor Peter Ssematimba dragged his former house girl to court because he wants to restrain her from being in custody of a child he fathered with her.

The woman named Joan Namatovu, a resident of Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb revealed that she got pregnant for Peter Ssematimba in 2009 when his wife was away in the United States of America.

The Lady went to several Kampala based media houses seeking for help from non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and the legal fraternity to help her have access to Kisaakye, their 10 year old daughter.

“Am seeking for help from radios and Televisions. Ssematimba took away my child whom I got when I was still his house girl 10 years ago. As a mother, I have been deprived of the right to meet and talk to my child and it’s the reason I have come out to seek for public help,” She told Bukedde TV in an interview.

The lady further told NBS Television that she regrets having a child with Ssematimba because she has suffered too much, adding that she was young at the time and naïve when it happened. She also apologized to Peter’s wife.

“Let me take this opportunity to apologise to Ssematimba’s wife and family. I did a mistake by having a child with him and I regret it,” She told the station in an interview that aired on NBS TV’s “Uncut” show on Monday evening.

Former Busiro South MP and pastor Peter Ssematimba’s former maid 

She claims that she suffered with the pregnancy because the man (Ssematimba) didn’t give her any child support which forced to go and stay with her relatives in Mukono district until when she gave birth.

“After giving birth to my child, I got a house for rent in Zana on Entebbe road and stayed there for many years as I was raising the child and from there, I shifted to Mutundwe where am staying up today,” She narrated.

She added that one day Ssematimba asked to see the child and took a DNA test without her knowledge. After confirmation that the child was his, he the took away the girl from her without her consent and that is why she sought for help from the media


















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