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Shocking Secrets Spilled As NBS TV’s MC Kats And Fame Lounge Fall Out

On Monday night, the management of the Acacia Avenue based Fame Lounge and Restaurant issued a  controversial public statement on the lounge’s official social media platforms indicating  how they have fallen out with NBS TV’s MC Kats whom they accused of disrespect of management and patrons, persistent taking of stock on credit and refusal to pay among other things

It is because of this reason that Fame Lounge decided to terminate his contract with immediate effect after close to two months of working with them at the host of the weekly ‘Meet Your Celebrity Wednesday’ night as well as being their external marketing personnel

“MC Kats has been an external marketing personnel at our lounge and a lot has come with working with him. After much consideration, the gentleman has failed to deliver the expectation of management. Management has tried their best to contain his unbecoming behavior for instance the persistent taking of stock on credit and refusal to clear the bills thereafter” Read part of Fame Lounge’s statement

However, this all came after Kats took to his Kats Music Ug Facebook page to brag how he has worked in bae business for close to 15 years yet she has never been fired at anytime

“Have worked in the Bar business for close to 15 years, Have never ever been fired but when u treat me like am not making u Money, I walk. I am not from a broke family but I choose this road because it’s what I love. MEET CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY won’t happen this week. We will tell you our new home next week. It’s my idea and it’s registered with my lawyers” Wrote MC Kats

As if that was not enough, Kats went ahead to claim how he found Fame making only Ug Shs 400,000 on Wednesdays and boosted it to 8 to 10 million. In reply, Fame quashed his claims

“MC Kats has never made any sales on his nights that equal to even 3 million as he claims” Read part of the statement by Fame management.




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