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Side Hustle: How Three MUBS Students Ventured Into Cake Making Business

You do not need millions of money to start up a small business because we have seen some businesses start with literally nothing but now are at a very encouraging stage, just the story of three Makerere University Business School (MUBS) students, Origumisiriza Timothy, Mukayiranje Agatha and Okiror Ben whose Cake Boo business is doing wonders for them

We started ‘Cake Boo in 2018 during our second year as a team of three members while pursuing Bachelor’s Degree of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. We make cakes for all occasions, snacks like chapatti, Daddies, Samosa and cookies.

We started in a hostel and the production was later taken to Kyengera town behind Summit College due to availability of free space for production but the chapatti and daddies business is still at the hostel since it requires small space for operation.

The idea of starting this business came due to high demand for cakes in our class for birthday parties and in our respective families that used to buy cakes from different big bakeries at higher prices.

Besides that, Agatha had baking skills and experience since she worked at Kiddawalime Bakery, we then realized that we had enough hours for putting the idea into action since we study during morning hours and we could utilize the remaining hours on business and class discussions.

Our business mentor Kagaba Bonny also guided us a lot during idea generation and implementation.


We used part of our savings to start the business which required Ug Shs 3 million at the beginning.

Agatha used part of her salary savings since she was working at Kiddawalime bakery, Timothy used part of the commissions he earned while doing network marketing plus savings from the facilitation money that was given by his parents while Okiror Ben got some savings he had and topped it with part of the living out allowance since he is a government student which helped us to rise a good amount in capital to start the business.


Time is a factor that can’t be enough but we just had to learn how to strike a balancing point between class and business by allocating time for class specifically utilizing weekends for business and week days for class and discussions

Future Prospects

The nub of the business is to have a bakery with well specialized machines to increase and ease operation aspects of quality cakes, cookies, and different pastries that shall satisfy our clients in the whole of Uganda.

Starting our business has inspired us to get out of the comfort zone and also motivate other youth to adopt job creation rather than job searching, applying skills acquired from the class setting to the world of reality, adopting the saving culture and starting small with what you have rather than giving excuses hence bridging the gap between student involvement in entrepreneurship and the theory lessons learnt from class to enhance practicability.

The Trio of Origumisiriza Timothy, Mukayiranje Agatha and Okiror Ben the proprietor Cake Boo

The trio posing for a photo with a client

By: Origumisiriza Timothy, Speaker (Makerere University Entrepreneurship Students Association)






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