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Singer Adam Mulwana Back To Zero

Photo by Habre Muriisa

When you talk about the February 2016 Uganda presidential elections, three names pop up. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Kizza Besigye and Adam Mulwana. The two first names ring a bell because they have always been in Uganda’s political circles but the third name just popped up last year after composing a song for Besigye.

The song that became a hit randomly saw Adam Mulwana perform at big events and getting highly paid by FDC political party because of ‘Toka Kwa barara’ (Kiswahili for get out of the way) which was also the party’s anthem among the hundreds submitted.

However, the news we received concerning the artiste is not good because his studio in Makindye was set ablaze by unknown people.


Adam Mulawana checks the ashes after his Makindye based studio was burn to zero

It is said that by the time the studio caught fire, the artiste was not there and only returned when his neighbours notified him.

Investigations are still ongoing regarding what could have sparked off the fire but Mulwana is back to zero because he not only lost his studio equipment but also his album which he was set to release soon with most songs pro-opposition just like ‘Toka Kwa Bala Bala’.



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