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Singer Crysto Panda Bashed For Claiming He Will Be The First Ugandan To Win A Grammy

It’s good to believe on yourself and shoot for the stars. NTV’s presenter Crysto Panda who is also budding singer is one who really believes in his music career and he hopes it will take him far as well as see him win big awards.

The 2021 Grammy awards were held a few weeks ago and no Ugandan artiste was nominated nor won any award but as we still wait for that day, Crysto earlier on Wednesday took to his official 23K followers Twitter account to give himself and fans hope that he will win a Grammy.

As a matter of fact, the “Kyolina Omanya” singer said that he will be the first Ugandan artiste to win a Grammy although this statement didn’t ‘make sense’ to a section of Ugandans on Twitter (UOT)

“I will be the First artiste to win a Grammy in Uganda. Mark this tweet”- Read Panda’s tweet

A few minutes after the tweet went up, critics on Twitter came at him with what we may consider as negative and discouraging comments

“You can’t be a song writer of your own genre and dream of winning a Grammy.Have a good song writer,have a combination of good producers and behavior moving along with fame, you’ll go heights.” Said a one J Bob. “Some things are impossible” said Ocanda Juve

“You still have lots on work to do on your music because right now I believe your their because of the wave and the name you had made earlier but not for mature lyrics” Fashionable Uganda had advice for him

Otto Dennis who thought that Crysto was high on weed when he tweeted, replied. “Weed does weird things”

“When u sing songs that spend 2 weeks on chart and fade off”– Said another identified as Blu Print and one Liam Tucker has doubts about the kind of music he sings

“The kind of music u do is far from this bro, Until u stop singing on each and everything dat trending then perhaps u will b shortlisted”

Meanwhile, leaving these twitter comments aside, Panda is one of those budding artistes whom a section of people critic a lot but he too hasn’t gotten discouraged and instead proves his prowess releasing tune after tune.



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