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Singer Dr Hilderman Angered By Minister Amelia Kyambadde

Musician Dr Hilderman has come out and vented his anger towards Amelia Kyambadde who is the Member of Parliament of Mawokota.

This comes after the Honorable minister failed to show up in Parliament for the heated voting of the term limit amendment bill.

Yesterday was the decisive day for MP’s to vote for this bill which looks like it’s going to be passed going by the lead from those who want it amended.

Minister AmeliaKyambadde

When it comes to voting, numbers matter and to Hilderman, Amelia’s vote would have mattered a lot if at all she was present in the house.

“Now Hon Amelia Kyambade why did you waste our time consulting when you cannot be present to represent Mawokota views on this vital issue,” he said on his facebook before saying that she has disappointed the people she represents.

It is also believed that this is going to be a driving force for the ‘Amelia’ musician to prepare contesting for Mawokota Member of Parliament seat in the next general elections now that Kyambadde has officially failed to do her work.

Hilderman and Amelia have been very good friends and it’s said that his ‘Amelia’ song contributed a lot for her win to become the Mawokota Member of Parliament.

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