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Singer Dr Hilderman Clears His Name In The ‘NRM Money’ Saga

From the time Bebe Cool was given a responsibility of distributing money to artistes who had featured on the 2016 ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song which was praising president Museveni and the ruling NRM party, a section of the public and some yet to be identified artistes have since then had a claim that Bebe used most of the money for his personal things and failed to give all artistes their shares.  

For that matter therefore, Bebe who had given this rumour a deaf ear for a long time decided to give all the artistes who received the money a 24 hour ultimatum to come out and admit or else he exposes them

After no artiste came out to admit, The ‘Wasibuka Wa’ singer decided to let the games begin by releasing the artistes’ videos taking the money and Dr Hilderman’s was the first. From last Saturday night, the video which shows Hilderman receiving the money has been making rounds on social media

Hilderman who does seem so moved about the release of the video hit hard at Bebe Cool for bringing 2016 issues back in 2019 before clearing his name in this entire saga.

“This campaign was branded with the Tubonga Nawe song which was launched in 2016 at Munyonyo where i was invited as a guest . The President was the chief guest and he pledged 400 millions towards the artists sacco. Bebe cool was granted the platform of speaking on behalf of all artists and so followed up the president’s pledge.” Hilderman wrote

After Bebe Cool got the money, Hilderman who thought that the money was meant for artistes’ Sacco went to Bebe to get his share only to be told that the money was for artistes who featured in the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song

Since he had not featured on the song, the ‘Amelia’ singer took it easy but Bebe Cool went on to give him Ug Shs 2 million which he asked him to take while being recorded on video camera thus the birth of the  trending the video which Bebe Cool released

“While at Sheraton some evening, a colleague called me and informed me how Bebe was 
distributing money to artists who attended the Munyonyo event which i had also attended. I rang Bebe and he directed me to find him at serena. Bebe told me the money was only for musicians who featured in Tubonga Nawe song but not all artists. Since I never featured in the song, I automatically bought his statement. I decided to leave his hotel but before closing the door he called me back and gave me 2 millions (two millions) and told me to sign for his easy accountability to legit beneficiaries. In the audio he muted this should reflect.”
Hilderman added

Bebe Cool released Hilderman’s video receiving NRM Money

Hilder as he is sometimes called doesn’t deny to have worked with NRM. As a matter of fact, he was an NRM supporter but due to some reason, he crossed and joined Bobi Wine’s People Power’ power


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