Singer Hajjat Madina’s Situation Is Improving

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Singer Hajjat Madina made a name for herself after releasing a track titled ‘Bibuuza’ which took the industry by storm. It was a song that became an anthem of sorts to the ladies because of the message in it. She lamented the experience of a woman left by her lover, a situation that most women go through.

But Hajjati Madina never found another hit like ‘Bibuuza’ which made her a one hit wonder and as years went by. Her health started deteriorating, she has been in and out of hospital and a few weeks back, it was reported that she almost lost her life.

The sickness she is suffering from has not yet been disclosed yet despite several people are hinting on high blood pressure while other are saying it could be related to some parts of her organs failing.

The latest we have received is that the musician’s condition is stable now as she is responding well to treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital where she is admitted and it was said that Hajjati Madina, real names Madinah Asiimwe Nambooze needs Ug Shs 18 million to go abroad for surgery.

Hajjat Madina in hospital

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